What tests are included in the Full Brain Health Assessment?

The sample assessment will test your cognitive flexibility, but the full assessment will test your brain health in even more areas.


This is how you tune out less important information and focus on what's really important. Sustained Attention is what is happening when you are trying to listen to an instructor or have a conversation in a busy restaurant.


This is your brain's way of making a mental sticky note when needing to recall a telephone number or calculate a simple math problem.


Your ability to stay on your toes and maintain everyday conversation is a direct reflection of your Processing Speed.


It takes a village in your brain to help you plan events, arrange your schedule or even drive a car. Executive Function brings together memory, attention, processing speed, and cognitive flexibility to help you manage your day.


This type of memory helps you remember a person's name or navigate your way around a familiar place, such as your local grocery store.

Once you have completed the full brain health assessment you will get a score. Your score gauges your brain's cognitive performance and provides insight into how your lifestyle supports brain health. Using this information, Staying Sharp will provide personalized recommendations based on your assessment.

Look for the recommendations at the bottom of your assessment results. These have been chosen specifically for you, based on your full assessment results. Choose the ones that interest you, Save it and start tracking your results!

Want more? Once you have completed the assessment and reviewed your results, the Explore page is reordered so that the content that applies to your needs is always at the top!

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